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Match Results 2021: Andrew Archer Memorial

Venue : Woodhouse Grange, Doncaster. Lake: HeronDate: 23rd September, 2021. 13 fishedWeather: 20c cloudy, very windy.


Covid-19 Procedure:

At all times keep at least 2 metres (6 feet 6 inches) from anyone else and wear PPE (personal protective equipment) at your discretion.

Buy fishery feed pellets from the onsite cafe. Breakfasts available by pre-order, contact fishery for latest details.

The Draw

The draw will be done on Facebook Live at 7pm on the evening before the match. This website will be updated with the peg numbers if you miss the draw.

Match Fees

Glenn will collect the match fees from you at your peg after 9am.

Cost: 20 for match. 5 to charity (BIADS) 7 peg fee, 8 towards payout.  Please bring correct money and include some 1 coins please.

The Match

For the safety of everyone, please do not vacate your peg to wander around or visit another angler before, during or after the match.

Please lay your nets out to dry (weather permitting) and don't put them in the lake until 9:45 am

Fish 10am - 4pm.

See fishery rules board. In brief...

Fishery feed pellets only

50 lbs net limit (ALL nets to be dipped)

No Meat/Wafters/Boilies/Tares/Hemp/Bread/B&J

Fish must be put in keep-net via landing net (no dropping in).

Failing to follow the rules can get the club banned


The Weigh-in

The club will weigh in. When the scales man arrives at your peg, the requirements are that you take your net of fish out of the water and place your fish in our weigh bag positioned in a cradle by the side of your peg maintaining 2 metres distance away from anyone else.  Should you not be able to take the net out yourself a pre-designated club member will assist you by taking your nets out for you, remembering to maintain the social distance. The scales man will lift your fish from the cradle and weigh them. The weight will be recorded by the club official.  The fish will be returned to the water by the scales man.  Repeat this procedure for each net of fish.

The Results

At the end of the match please wait at the HERON island/arm car park for the results announcement and photos of the winners and presentation of the Memorial Trophy.  Any winnings will be given to you in a sanitised envelope, if you are so inclined they can be donated to the charity. The results will be updated on here after the match or the following day.

Thanks to everyone who attended and who donated to the BIADS (Barnsley Independent Alzheimers and Dementia Society) charity fund.

Winner: Tony Glew and Gill Archer presenting the Andrew Archer memorial trophy.

Name Draw


A. GLEW 51 43 95-09 1
R. EVANS 30 92-14 2
K. FRYATT 32 74-00 Section 1 Winner
G. ARCHER 48 68-09 Section 2 Winner
G. WEBB 52 66-06  
M. HARE 45 54-05  
N. MIDDLETON 42 48-14  
G. VAUSE 37 42-04  
B. PICKERSGILL 40 41-06  
J. HOLMES 49 38-10  
D. SCHOFIELD 39 37-09  
S. LUPTON 46 36-02  
J. VAUSE 34 18-07  


 This page was last updated September 23, 2021